Artificial Grass

  • 25 Haziran 2019
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Artificial Grass

The Most Reliable Company in The Artificial Grass Sector!

There are many companies that produce artificial lawn in the world. But of course you will want to continue your work with the most reliable company. As Hatko Sport, we are one of these companies. For many years, R & D activities are continuing in the field of artificial turf. We always produce our floors using the latest generation technology and we never compromise on quality.

You can learn the answer to the question of why we should prefer Hatko Sport by examining the projects we do as proof of our achievements. With our projects as proof of our success, we always receive 100% satisfaction returns from our customers. For us, customer satisfaction is always first. Because your satisfaction means your customers’ satisfaction. At this point, we are working hard to achieve better and better quality with our 146 employees and our annual production capacity exceeding 3 million square meters. We have built 143 FIFA Certified Pitches on a total of 5 continents.

Artificial turf is a very popular investment area in recent years. If you own a land and you want to invest in this land you can turn it into a sports field. Investments made in the field of sports are always taken profitably. Therefore, it is necessary to make a reasonable investment in order to make your land which is valuable for you more valuable. At this point, it would be quite a nice investment to cover your field with artificial turf. Artificial turf is a kind of ground which has been made compulsory by FIFA since 2006.

There are so many varieties and sporting is both enjoyable and safe. When compared with natural grass, artificial grass floors are more useful and can be used for long years without being worn. Hybrid Grass are sports floors, which always guarantee more reliable sports. But natural lawns are very easy to wear and require a lot of maintenance. You can use artificial grass in winter even in bad weather conditions. However, because natural grass floors accumulate too much water, they cannot be used in bad weather conditions. So it is always more advantageous to use artificial turf. It does not cost you extra because it does not require much maintenance.

As Hatko Sport, we add a new one to our successes every day. At this point, we are proud to be one of the 25 largest artificial turf producers in the worldContinuous innovation is always our motto. Our goal is always to be better and in the future to become the world’s best artificial turf manufacturer.

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