RCC Dams

  • 21 Haziran 2019
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RCC Dams

Roller Compacted Concrete Dam Types

There are some criteria for the classification of roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams. Based on this, weak RCC dams falls in the first category of classification. The binder content of weak RCC dams is known to be less than average 100 kg/m3. The second category includes RCC dams containing normal dose of binder. The binder content of these dams ranges from 100 kg/m3 to 150 kg/m3. The third category includes RCC dams containing high dose of binder. The binder content of such dams is higher than 150 kg/m3. The fourth category includes RCB dams. These dams are also called as the Japanese method.

Importance of RCC Dam Types and their History in Turkey

RCC is a building material obtained as a result of the transportation together with soil equipment, spreading and compaction of the no-slump concrete prepared in wet soil manner. The improved quality of RCC results in the growth of the number of the dams where RCC is used.  In particular, the areas of use of RCC have expanded in the recent past. The first use of RCC in Turkey dates back to 1982-1983. In those years, RCC was applied in the core fill of cofferdam downstream the Karakaya Dam for the first time. As RCC can be constructed fast and is economically affordable, it is more advantageous than conventional types of concrete. It can be said that RRC offers very important potential in Turkey. At this point, the importance of RCC Dam types is understood. RCC is called as the Really Cheap Concrete in the world.


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