Renewable Energy

  • 28 Mayıs 2019
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Renewable Energy

Turkey arrived to an important status about the technology matter. And thanks to our technology, we do our almost all jobs professionally. Because of Turkey’s location, Turkey also have possibility to use the energy with a best way due to its geographical structure. And to compound this technology with the energy is really important. Especially, thanks to the Solar panel that you can use summer months, you can save a serious amount water. While your hot water come to your home automatically, at the same time you also do saving about the electricity. Turkey is one of the most valuable countries that use their conditions about the renewable energy. Well, what is energy of electricity?

If we need to explain the electrical energy with a technical way, it is produced as a result of moving a copper-like wire in a magnetic field. Thanks to the electricity generator, electricity production is realised and thus we could be produced a desired amount of electricity that we can use where we want. In order to provide electricity for a wide area, it will be needed a powerful central electric unit. When we look at the power plant, they produce heat and they convert the heated water to the steam status, does not matter what energy producing source. This occured steam provide the turning of shaft and generators can be produced electricity with this way. Shortly, logic of the electricity production is this and we cannot imagine a life without electricity. As a conclusion, our country in a serious investment attack. Additionally, thanks to the today’s giant power plants, both about the recycling and about the electricity production, serious projects has been starting.


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