Sterilization packages

  • 22 Eylül 2020
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Sterilization packages

Documentation Label

The documentation system is designed to identify and monitor sterilization packages subjected to steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization processes. The documentation system allows the user to quickly and easily label each sterilization package as well as to establish a connection with the production date, expiry date, person responsible for the process, package content, sterilizer ID and batch number. After the package is opened in the operation room, the label can be removed and re-attached to the patient’s file or operation traceability record. This is possible thanks to the double adhesive technology of the documentation system. Attention should be paid that the Autoclave tape should not be opened during the sterilization process and should be of a quality that does not leave any residue, and that it shows the color change that the personnel can easily recognize the sterilized packages.

Sterilization Reel

All surgical instruments are cleaned and wrapped prior to steam autoclave sterilization. Various packaging materials are used in hospitals and all packages are individually sterilized labeled for identification and traceability. When you need a label based on steam autoclaving sterilization, labels produced with RP 3H adhesive are the most suitable choice. RP 3H adhesive maintains excellent adhesion in the steam, pressure and temperature of the autoclave process without the use of additional sealing tape to ensure label adhesion. The adhesive allows various packaging materials to swell and shrink during and after the process. This labeled face materials backed with RP 3H adhesive support long-lasting, legible printing during sterilization and remain reliable for the entire shelf life of sterile wrapped reusable surgical instruments. They also have very good thermal transfer (TTR) printing properties. Reusable surgical instruments that leave hospital operating rooms are cleaned, washed, and packaged in pre-sterilized and labeled containers before sterilization by steam autoclave. The non-woven or crepe coating material is steam permeable during sterilization, but provides an effective barrier against microbial penetration until surgical instruments are needed again in the operating room. For complete traceability and patient safety, wrapped packages carry information such as label informationsterilizer ID, sterilization date and load number.

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