Transplantation Hair Turkey

  • 07 Ekim 2019
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Transplantation Hair  Turkey

If your hair is falling out and I wonder if I can have hair transplanted, then I advise you to read this article to the end. The most important feature that determines the age limit in hair loss is whether or not the loss continues. In other words, hair loss continues for a lifetime and in some people it stops between the ages of 35-40. Such is the case when the hair loss stopped after plantation Turkey process can be made.

If the hair loss continues in this case, the number of sessions in the planting process may be more. Hair a time between about 3-5 hours is required when carrying out the process of Turkey. During this period, the person should come to the center for sowing by taking a time for himself.

If you do not want your hair to be understood by others, then you need to do away with the environment for 15 days. During this period, the deformations taken from different regions for planting and planting will be lost and the hair will return to its normal shape. After a 15-day period, when you look outside the hair transplantation is definitely not clear. Transplantation Hair  Turkey  can be done based in Istanbul and it is important for the doctor who performs this procedure to have success in his / her specialty. The important issue is that although the planting process is carried out under hygienic and appropriate conditions, it will maintain its naturalness in the hair that will be released after planting.

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